Course Description

Bodily Interaction (Study Project III) (25115) (3 ECTS)

Outcomes: Bodily Interaction course aims to make students familiar with and develop gesture-based Natural User Interfaces (NUI) in various interactive application platforms for sonic, musical, 2D or 3D interfaces.

Content: Bodily Interaction course aims to introduce embodied interaction possibilities with a specific focus on natural human gestures and actions. The course is a platform for the tools and

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environment of an emerging interface paradigm called NUI (Natural User Interface). Through a set of exercise tasks, students will be able to offer experimental solutions to NUI. The course will offer alternative possibilities to experiment with various interactive programming platforms, where body itself is involved as a control element for the system. Bodily Interaction is a project-based course where students will present their group or individual works at end of the course.

Workload: This course is a hands-on course where the instructor presents lecture sessions and the

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students complete exercise tasks and will present their group/individual projects in the end.

Assessment Methods and Criteria: 80% attendance and

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completed exercise tasks. The students can work either on their own projects or offer solutions to ongoing design projects at Media Lab. Students can also continue or combine their projects with other Media Lab courses.

Prerequisite: Basic knowledge on one of the interactive platforms (Processing, Pure Data, Quartz Composer or Unity) is necessary.


Max: 12 Students

Credits: 3-5 ECTS (depending on the final project work)

Classroom: Paja (3rd Floor Media Lab)