Final Projects Spring 2011

Final Project presentations of the Bodily Interaction course took place on 5.5.2011. The projects are interactive gestural applications based on only human gestures and actions without introducing any physical interface. The projects are: ifPos by Chi-Hsia Lai *Lisa and Matti Niinimäki,  Shy Shadow by Youngho Lee, Marble Game MOD by Tapio Matilainen, Jumpi by Reha Discioglu, Fires and Tears by Leyla Nasibova Muhtar, Digital Costumes by Paula Lehtonen

ifPos by Chi-Hsia Lai *Lisa and Matti Niinimäki

Shy Shadow by Youngho Lee

Marble Game MOD by Tapio Matilainen

PuShy by Roberto Pugliese

Jumpi by Reha Discioglu

Fires and Tears by Leyla Nasibova Muhtar

Digital Costumes by Paula Lehtonen

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