Following is the link for OpenNI2OSC standalone software.

What it does is almost same as OSCeleton. The reason behind this software is that OSCeleton crashes on Mac and some of you needed this. At this point it is only sending the user position data. Skeletal tracking is not yet implemented. Skeletal tracking partially ready by Matti. Only a copy-paste issue.  wait for the next release :)

It sends data to localhost (127.0.01) to port 7110.

/user/1/realworld.x realworld.y realworld.z projected.x projected.y projected.z

Realworld values are in milimeters and takes the Kinect as 0,0,0 point.
Projected values are the projection of these real world coordinate data to screen size of 640 by 480.

To-Do for Next Versions:
Skeletal data implementation
Display coordinates for each user-done
Ability to change port number
Quartz Composer compatible mode

You can test it with this pd patch osceleton-pd.pd. Right click and save as.

Release Notes v0.3
display coordinates for each user

Release Notes v0.2
OSC message bug fixed. (for /user)

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