Helsinki Freezing – Interactive Installation Concept

I guess this slideshow requires a little bit of explanation… Here it goes:

Project website: Helsinki Freezing

The core idea of the installation is to “Let the viewer inside the breakdancer’s head”.

Video material: HD video with a 1280 x 960 resolution using fish eye lens. The material is dancer wearing a headset camera, i.e. dancer’s point of view footage.

Sounds could be the scrunchy sound of the snow, wind etc.

Projection: The aim is to project the video in a way so that the viewer can see the breakdancers’ point of view. The projection should be minimum 180 x 180 degrees, preferably even almost 360 x 360 degrees. In other words – an experience as immersive as possible.

Some examples of what the projection + projection surface could be like:
1) Inexpensive immersive projection
2) Homemade curved screen
3) Half circle dome screen
4) Full dome projection
5) RP-360 flight simulation dome

1) People’s position in the space
–> Projection + sounds react to the viewers’ positions in the space
2) Movement in the space
–> Projection + sounds reacts to the movement in the space
3) People’s biofeatures, for example heart beat?
–> Projection reacts to the biofeatures of the spectators for example change of heart beat rate

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  1. leyla says:

    I think you should remember how much movement is in the picture already – and its hard for a view to orient herself. Maybe emergence should occur simply by putting people in a small space in front a big screen.

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