Dream in underwater : Reappearance of underwater space

Dream in underwater

Reappearance to underwater space  _Interactive media installation

Background : I would like to reappearance that my experience in underwater space. in addition, this work try to approach of emotional way through digital media. The Inspiration of this work occur to learning scuba diving experience in Philippines. Especially, I have an unforgettable memory about reflecting the movement of tropical sunlight into deep sea.  This beautiful scene allure professional diver that forget the rule of diving into the bottom of the sea. The driver follow this scene unconsciously.

Concept movie

QC + Tuio Kinect  test movie

Reference works

1. Kinect + Touch Designer DMX Light/Laser Control by Phil Reyneri

2. Automatic Spotlight by Samia Ahmed

3. Dark Clold and the Long Goodbye FINAL by OpiumBlue

4. Access(2002/3) by Marie Sester

5. Fog + Projector

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  1. leyla says:

    Really nice concept! It is great that you tackled the idea of natural interaction and familiar pleasurable experiences. I think, you should think more about the way the image will be projected- as even with a fog machine it is hard for users to see images projected on themselves. So if there’s only one user in the room, what does she see?

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