Kinect Usage

We have one fixed Kinect at Paja. It is for use of everyone. You can go in and work on that machine with Kinect whenever there is no course happening in Paja. In addition to that fixed one there are some Kinects available for you in the Mlab Library. Since we have limited number of Kinects, two people will share one device. You can arrange working times among each other. There are totally 3 devices in the Mlab library now. Next week there will be one more coming in. They are reserved for our course. When you go to the library please state that you are in the course.

Here is the Kinect Sharing List :)

Paula – Linda: Kinect #1 in Mlab Library

Reha – Leyla: Kinect #2 in Mlab Library

Reina – Tapio: Kinect #3 in Mlab Library

Irene: Kinect #4 in Mlab Library

Svetlana: Her Research Group’s Kinect

Matti – Lisa: Their Research Group’s Kinect

Roberto: His Research Group’s Kinect

Youngho: His own Kinect

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